Monday, 28 February 2011

Smartphones spark IT security "mobile melee"

Top 10 Chrome OS extensions | Has Apple got white right for iPad 2?

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Smartphones, devices spark IT security "mobile melee"
While devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android are in most cases welcomed into the corporate world, there's uncertainty about how to fit them into enterprise IT security practices that have been concerned so long by Microsoft Windows. Read More


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Top 10 Chrome OS extensions
10 extensions that will improve your Chrome OS user experience Read More

Has Apple got white right for iPad 2?
New rumors say that Apple has got white right this time, and will unveil a white iPad 2 when the company announces the next version of its popular tablet, expected later this week. Read More

US House crimps consumer safety database money
Consumer safety database would provide mostly open information on tons of regularly consumed productsIn a move that reeks of party politics and lobbyist influence, the US House this week made moves to gut the funding of an online database that was to become a repository for consumer safety information three weeks before it was to debut. Read More


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Citrix invests in personal cloud management company
Citrix Systems has invested in Primadesk, a company that is developing a free, Web-based application to help users keep track of content stored in different cloud-based services, the company said on Monday. Read More

The Black Art of SLAs
wanIT buyers frequently tell us of their struggles to craft an SLA for their WAN and wireless service contracts. Among their key challenges are responsibility for identifying non-performance and remediation mechanisms. Read More

10 Ways to Goof Off at Work Without Getting Caught
Here's how to take a recreational break on company time--without the boss finding out. Read More


Building a Successful Security Operations Center
This paper outlines industry best practices for building and maturing a security operations center (SOC). For those organizations planning to build a SOC or those organizations hoping to improve their existing SOC this paper will outline the typical mission parameters, the business case, people considerations, processes and procedures, as well as, the technology involved. Building a Successful Security Operations Center

Wisconsin Blizzard vs. Data Center: How Marquette Won
As blizzards raged across the Midwest in January, snow piled up on the data center roof at Marquette University and wreaked havoc with cooling systems. Here's how Microsoft's Lync unified communications tool helped IT fight back. Read More

Verizon iPhone suffers 'death grip,' says Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports today said that its lab tests show the Verizon iPhone 4 suffers from a "death grip" problem similar to last summer's revelations about AT&T's model. Read More

SeaMicro's new server has latest Intel Atom N570 chip
SeaMicro on Monday announced a low-power server that includes 256 of Intel's latest Atom N570 dual-core processors. Read More

Sprint includes 'smartphone tracker' app in new security software
Sprint debuted a host of smartphone security services as part of its Total Equipment Protection package. Read More

Up for grabs from Microsoft Subnet: a Windows 7 Enterprise Technician class for three people. From Cisco Subnet: 15 copies of AAA Identity Management Security. Enter here.


When IT professionals cheat
We asked 200 IT professionals to tell us how often IT workers cheat on certification exams, buy fake gear or illegally share software. Here are the results.

Tech 'firsts' that made a President's day
From the first presidential steamboat ride to the introduction of electricity in the White House to Obama's famous BlackBerry, our nation's commanders in chief have always enjoyed the privilege of being exposed to technology's cutting edge -- even if they haven't always embraced the opportunities.


  1. IT graduates not 'well-trained, ready-to-go'
  2. Playing around with tracking protection in IE9
  3. The 6 biggest misconceptions about IPv6
  4. Fake online 'girlfriend' bilks $200,000 from Illinois man
  5. How to turn Chrome into gold
  6. Canonical overrides Banshee team's decision
  7. Google scrambling to restore Gmail to 150,000 users
  8. 802.11u: Wireless 'superglue'?
  9. Pay no attention to that widget recording your every move
  10. Juniper leapfrogs Cisco with QFabric data center product blitz

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Tech of the Future, Today: Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence

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February 28, 2011
Daily Technology News
Our Top Stories
Tech of the Future, Today: Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence Here's a look at some of the latest uses of artificial intelligence in today's world.
Gmail Bug Deletes E-Mails for 150,000 Users Google is working on the problem, but for the nervous, here are some back-up options for Web-based e-mail.
Facebook's "Like" Button Evolves, Replaces Traditional Sharing It appears Facebook may care less in the future about "What's on Your Mind" and more about the marketing implications of its Like feature.
Is Apple Getting Android Inspiration? An internal app apparently uses a gesture-based lock screen for tighter security.
Mobile Gadget Users: Ruder than Ever, Study Shows Mobile device etiquette keeps going down the drain, a survey reveals.
Nintendo 3DS Sells 400,000 in Japan, Already R4 Hacked Nintendo's new glasses-free 3D games handheld sells out in Japan as reports of first claimed game hacks surface.
Apple's New Rules Prompts Music Site to Reconsider Fees Analysis: At least one partner wonders why Apple should get a bigger cut than the originator of the service.
Groupon Expands to China, backed by Chinese investors, starts signing up customers who want to buy online in groups.
Android Likely to Crush Nokia-Microsoft, Analyst Says Smartphone shipments grew 71 percent 2009-2020, and Android leads the non-Apple field.
Facebook Cyberbullies Targeted British police are teaming with teen volunteers to investigate reports of cyberbullying and harassment on Facebook.
Nintendo 3DS Launches in Japan, but Kamen Rider also Draws Crowd Analysis: Initial shipments of the newest gaming handheld sell out, but buyers were after several hot items.
Inside Intel's Next-Gen Processors Heres how the new Core i5 and i7 'Sandy Bridge' chips--which bake graphics hardware into the CPU--are redefining PC performance.
Gamewatch: Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II Retribution, RIFT Check out the latest PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and handheld video games shipping the week of February 28.
Apple iPad 2: Five Reasons It Already Has Other Tablets Beat Apple hasn't revealed any details yet of the iPad 2, but the next generation Apple tablet already has an advantage over the competition.
Hands On with GoToMyPC for iPad App A look at my firsthand experience working remotely on my PC from my iPad using the new GoToMyPC for iPad app from Citrix.
SeaMicro's New Server Has Latest Intel Atom N570 Chip SeaMicro on Monday announced a low-power server that includes 256 of Intel's latest Atom N570 dual-core processors.
Vodafone Germany Executive: Nokia-Microsoft Deal a Good Thing Nokia and Microsoft joining forces to better compete with Apple and Google's Android OS will be good for the smartphone market, a Vodafone Germany executive says.
Can Data Stored on an SSD Be Secured? Following a recent report that data on most SSDs is very difficult to completely erase, researchers and analysts say there are really only two methods to...
Kinect Hack Prints Miniature Caricatures in 3D Make a 3D model of yourself with this Kinect hack.
Citrix Invests in Personal Cloud Management Company Citrix Systems has invested in Primadesk, a company that is developing a free, Web-based application to help users keep track of content stored in different...
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Tech of the Future, Today: Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence Here's a look at some of the latest uses of artificial intelligence in today's world.
Gmail Bug Deletes E-Mails for 150,000 Users Google is working on the problem, but for the nervous, here are some back-up options for Web-based e-mail.
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10 Must-Have Windows Phone 7 Apps for Business These apps for Windows Phone 7 smartphones keep you plugged in and productive.
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