Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Google Doodle Carves Up 3 Tons of Pumpkin

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October 31, 2011
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Halloween Google Doodle Carves Up 3 Tons of Pumpkin Google Doodle time-lapse video captures the creation of some truly gigantic jack o' lanterns in commemoration of the holiday.
Anonymous Takes On Mexican Drug Cartel The hacker collective that has targeted business and government agencies that displease it now threatens Los Zetas with a security breach.
Apple's Siri Speaks Also on iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G A pair hacks the audio "personal assistant" to become nearly fully functional on some other iOS devices.
New $89 Open-source Hardware Runs Full Linux OS An open-source hardware group on Monday announced a US$89 credit-card sized motherboard based on an ARM processor that could be used for robotics, gaming and...
Apple iPhone 4S Battery Drain: Guessing Game Continues Users are helping each other with makeshift battery-saving techniques while Apple remains mute in response to their complaints.
How to Misunderstand Uncharted 3 (and Still Enjoy It) Uncharted 3 ships tomorrow, but does it really substitute spectacle for design intrepidness?
HTC Reports Record Numbers, Sells More Phones Than RIM After reporting sales of 13.2 million smartphones during the third quarter, HTC is now the fourth largest smartphone vendor.
Linux Foundation: Secure Boot Need Not Be a Problem Implemented correctly, the UEFI protocol is perfectly compatible with open operating systems, the group says.
Two-Thirds of Consumers Fret About Phone Security We're using our phones for banking, buying, and broadcasting our location -- but that doesn't mean we're not still nervous.
IT's Guide to Managing Macs in the OS X Lion Era User interest and bring-your-own-tech policies are pushing Macs beyond their traditional business niches. Here's how to embrace them.
Quick Poll: Where Do You Stand on Mobile Devices? Mobile devices are increasing popular, but can pose a number of risks for a business. Are you taking steps to mitigate the risk, or hoping the issue will go away?
Share: Releases iPhone App, Feeds Your Addiction, the gaming spinoff of live-streaming site, just released a new freebie iPhone app, and we're back with first impressions.
IBM Opens up Smartphone, Tablet Support for Its Workers IBM has embraced the growing 'bring your own device' trend by allowing its employees to buy and use their own smartphones and tablets for work tasks.
Mythical iPhone 5 Prompts Real Facebook Scams The iPhone 5 is still just a dream -- but scammers continue to use it to lure unsuspecting Facebook users into a trap.
Windows 8 Desktop Gets a Taste of Metro Microsoft is swapping frosted glass for sharp edges and minimalist icons in the latest evolution of the Windows task manager.
Anonymous Threatens to Expose Mexican Drug Cartel Hacker group Anonymous has threatened to expose the identity of members and supporters of a Mexican drug cartel retaliation for a kidnapping.
First Angry Birds Store Slated to Open in China Angry Birds publisher Rovio plans to sell official merchandise around the iconic game by opening its own retail store in China, according to a company official.
Go Back to School on the Web Education is expensive--unless you use a free independent-learning site such as Khan Academy or Open Yale Courses on your free time. But if your spare time is limited, youll want to choose one academic site thats best for you.
Canonical to Expand Ubuntu for Smartphones, Tablets Canonical plans to expand its Ubuntu Linux distribution so it could be used on smartphones, tablets and other touch interface consumer electronics.
AU Optronics's Flexible E-Paper Can Charge Itself AU Optronics develops a concept e-reader that is self-powered in sunlight and flexible as paper.
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Halloween Google Doodle Carves Up 3 Tons of Pumpkin Google Doodle time-lapse video captures the creation of some truly gigantic jack o' lanterns in commemoration of the holiday.
3 Bluetooth Keyboards for Android Tablets A Bluetooth keyboard can add a whole new dimension to your Android tablet. We highlight three excellent options.
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3 Bluetooth Keyboards for Android Tablets A Bluetooth keyboard can add a whole new dimension to your Android tablet. We highlight three excellent options.
Free Treats: Decorate Your PC Desktop for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos Scare your PC all the way into next month with this collection of free fonts, screensavers, themepacks, and wallpapers.
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Free Halloween Fun: Themes, Screen Savers, and Fonts to Ward Off the Holidays

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--Kim Saccio-Kent

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